Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another 'Everytown' FB Hoax or Damage Control?

So after Bloomie realized they hadn't secured the FB domain names for his stupidly named group, pro-2A ones popped up all over the place.  Bloomie sicked his lawyers on the main one, forcing them to shut down but they came back up later.  Unconfirmed reports are they're going after regional ones now.  

A new 'official' one came online under the name '' which quickly became a progun stomping ground.  Now the MAIG 'Demand Action' page has been transformed into an 'Everytown' page but still has the 'Demand Action' header and this is the one the '' website links to. The website redirects back to the webpage.

So is the .org page another spoof?  If so, why hasn't Bloomie shut it down?  If it isn't, have they realized the name has already become toxic so they're shying away from it?  Did they set it up as a red herring to distract gunnies from the real anti-pages?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Update:  EGS claims it's a hoax.  

Update 2:  Aaaaaaannnnddd it's gone

The main webpage now links to 'EverytownUSA' on FB, a partial renaming of their 'Demand Action' site. The comments are typical of an anti-gun site.  Insults, character attacks, bigotry and calls to ban guns. 

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Welcome to Illinois... Leave Your Bill of Rights At The Door

Illinois politicians like using the police to silence detractors.  State Sen. Dan Kotowski sent the ISP to threaten a man who was criticizing him.  Now the Mayor of Peoria, IL has used the local PD to perform an armed raid against a guy who set up a fake twitter account satirizing the mayor, a misdemeanor
He was the only one arrested when seven police officers wearing bulletproof vests with guns strapped to their chests served a search warrant at his home Tuesday as part of an effort to unmask the author of a fake Twitter account that parodied Mayor Jim Ardis.
This is something that a cease-and-desist letter is for or a phone call from a lawyer.  But instead let's use our local SWAT team to ransack the place and disrupt his life including possibly losing his job.  

Is it any wonder people are less trusting of the gov't/authority nowadays?  Why should we believe them anymore? 

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Monday, April 21, 2014

BLoomberg Mayors List Back Up

They've apparently switched all their works over to the new 'Everytown' name and they've put up a scrolling list of 'Coalition Members' which was taken down several months ago.  No links or names like they used to have, only the cities, but it's not hard to Google the cities to find out who's in charge.  Here's the screencapped IL list:

They've also changed their wording to "a bipartisan group of more than 1,000 current and former mayors" since so many of their 'members' have lost elections.  Much nicer to show that made up number than the decreasing one.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

More Nice Weather In Chi-raq

Last weekend I prophesied that the nice weather would bring the rats out of their holes.  I was right.

In violent weekend, at least 7 dead, 31 wounded in shootings across Chicago 

5 kids hurt in drive-by on South Side 

Now these numbers will be added into the anti-gun fanatics death by gun pools (of blood) that they will trot out when they call for registration, licensing and more gun bans.  But take a look at the reality.  These aren't children finding their parent's gun and having accidents.  These aren't FOID/CCW holders going ballistic over parking spaces or neighbors' dogs crapping on lawns.  You know, all the things that happen 'many' times w/ the PuSH'ers' hard numbers.

These are lifelong criminal thugs using cheap .38's or 9mm handguns they either got through straw purchases from family/SO's, stolen, or are 'community' guns stored for just these occasions.  They are shooting into playgrounds and schools to kill other criminal thugs and hitting small children.  They are wandering the streets at night w/ their criminal thug friends looking for other criminal thugs (or anyone in the wrong place for that matter) in order to gain some 'rep. or just for kicks.

They've already broken countless laws yet all these stupid anti-gun organizations (and be honest, that's all they are) think one more law will make these kinds of people (and I use the word loosely) think twice.  The anti-gun groups point their fingers at the NRA and the tens of millions of firearm owners who AREN'T shooting up their neighborhoods, using anecdotes as their argument, when it's weekends in Chicago like this that are the default. 

You won't see them protesting outside of a Vice-Lord hangout or in Englewood/Back of the Yards neighborhoods to 'reduce gun violence'.  Instead you'll find them outside of NRA headquarters or the ISRA range before they head back to their gated communities and private security.  

Stalwarts of gun control are 'True Believers'.  These facts won't deter them from their hate and bigotry. But maybe it will encourage some 'fence sitters' to stop paying attention to them.

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What's Faster Than A Speeding Bullet?

The stupidity of Bloomie's new anti-gun group 'Everytown for Gun Safety'.  Take a look at their latest attempt for a meme:


See anything wrong w/ this picture?  Seriously, how ignorant are their hired guns to keep dropping this many balls?


I spoke to soon.  They have gone full out stupid:
What can you say to this?  Think there's any 'reasonable', 'common-sense' measures going to come out of this?

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Everytown's Grassroots

Shortly after the pro-gun 'Everytown' page surpassed MAIG's own homepage likes in less than three days, it was pulled down after alleged legal threats by Bloomie's agents. The 'official' page, also up for 3 days, has garnered only just over 100 'likes' but is flooded w/ hundreds of pro-rights comments criticizing the insanely stupid content and attempts to generate meme's for their dwindling faithful.

I prognosticate this.  Shortly most of those comments will disappear and we will see huge jump of 'likes' up to about 50K, just like all the other astroturf groups out there.

Update: A new pro-gun 'Everytown' page is up from the original founders and it already has surpassed 1K likes. 

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Ebay Auctions

A couple of Ebay auctions up for sale:

 Lot of 8 Celtos Gael Miniatures

Lot of 14 Celtos Fir Bolg Miniatures

Malifaux Dead Lady Justice NIB Con Exclusive!!

Huge Lot. Car Wars Deluxe Edition Boxed Set Plus Much More Steve Jackson Games

George RR Martin Autographed Game of Thrones BattleLore Lannister Boxed Set

DCU MOLLE II Load Vest!!! Free Shipping!!!

NEW!!! Three Timmee Toy Patton M-60 Tanks!! Made in USA

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On the whole BLM, Nevada cow thing. 

OK, so this guy has a ranch and has his cows grazing on public land but hasn't been paying the grazing fees for something like 20 yrs and allegedly owes $1m in taxes/fees.  Sounds like he's trying to play the 'sovereign citizen' angle but on the other side the BLM/Harry Reid seem like they're intentionally driving ranchers out for their own benefit as Harry seems to have connections to Chinese land developers.  The excuse however being to save some desert tortoises of which a bunch have been euthanized anyway. 

So the BLM spends tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars hiring people and sending in gear to round up this guys' cattle also allegedly causing thousands of dollars in damage to private property and destroying more tortoise homes.  Meanwhile, Al Sharpton, who owes close to $2m in taxes gets invited to the White House for fundraisers and Harry Reid ups the rhetoric war by calling supporters of the ranchers, many of whom are armed, 'Domestic Terrorists'.  A move either deliberately or stupidly done to inflame the issue even more. 

In Illinois, politicos are going on about how the state is billions in debt and we need to suck it up and accept more fee/tax increases along w/ deal w/ the tens of millions of dollars in cuts to school districts.  So let's earmark $100m for the Obama presidential library, normally funded through private donations and spend more millions pretty-fying the capitol building but not fix the elevators.

For a double dose of hypocrisy, Soros funded MediaMatters/ThinkProgress are touting the millions of dollars that Bloomberg is dumping to buy votes while decrying the millions spent by the Koch brothers to buy votes and, while demanding 'card check' voting (iow open ballot) for union organizing, have demanded secret ballots for their own employees over unionization. 

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